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New Mod Needed...

Hello, everyone. I know it's been forever since I've posted any kind of mod updates. And it's been almost just as long since I've actually stamped anyone. My co-mod peaceinyou has done a good job of keeping up with all of the stamps, but it seems we've both gotten really busy these past few months.

Because I hate when people just let their communities die, I'm asking for someone to take over here as a co-mod with peaceinyou. What this community needs is someone who has time to dedicate to it and a real interest in keeping it alive. If you're interested, please leave me a comment here (comments will be screened) with the following information:

Your name:
Your age:
How long you've been on LJ:
Names of any other comms you currently mod/have modded:
Why you want to be a mod at narnia_ratings:
Approximately how much time per week you have to dedicate to the community:
Any other comments:

Please comment here by April 24 if you're interested. I'll be looking through all of the inquiries and will choose a new mod by April 26. Thank you all for your participation. :)
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