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For Narnia... And for Aslan

1. Name: Liisi
2. Nicknames: I've had many that were used only for few weeks, but I've never had any permanent nickname, 'cause I don't really like them.
3. Age: 15
4. Three positive adjectives that describe you: intelligent, imaginative, honest
5. Three negative adjectives that describe you: sometimes (at least for people who does not know me and misunderstand signs) rude, withdrawn (again with strangers), impatient (mostly with people, not things)
6. Interests/hobbies/talents: writing, reading, about all theoretical subjects at school, orienteering, scouting, art, handicraft, skiing
7. Things you don't like/aren't as good at: sports (excluding orienteering and skiing), music (like, I can't play anything and my singing voice sucks, but I like to listen)
8. Name one thing you love: winter, if there is snow included
9. Name one thing you hate: lutefisk

10. Character from Narnia (can be from any of the books/movies):
Too many to count; Edmund, Lucy, Aravis, Eustace
11. Scene from the first book/movie: Lucy and Tumnus talking the first time Lucy's in Narnia
12. Quote from the first book/movie: Rise up, Sir Peter Wolf's-Bane. And, whatever happens, never forget to wipe your sword.

Pick one~
14. Honor, Love, Power, Vengeance, Intelligence, Loyalty:
15. Adventure, Imagination, Truth, Wealth: I can't choose between truth and imagination, so may I take two?

Are you more~
16. Playful or serious?:
Depending who I am with, for my friends I'm playful, for others quite serious
17. Determined or accepting?: Mostly accepting, but I can be surprisingly determined if I really want, which doesn't happen often
18. Powerful or weak?: I feel myself pretty weak, but at least my careers adviser said she thinks I'm quite powerful
19. Smart or creative?: Pretty much both
20. Nice or mean?: I've been said I'm mean, but mostly I don't mean to be
21. Aggressive or passive?: Depends about the thing, the level of dirtyness of my hair, colour of my mum's socks and so on
22. Hyper or laid back?: Can be both

23. Is there anything else you'd like to include?: I don't like Susan because of the last book, so it would be nice to not became stamped as her.

24. Please post two clear photos of yourself (these are very helpful but if you are not comfortable with this, please state so and you may skip this step). I don't have any good photos of myself, and I'm a little bit uncomfortable with posting my face to Internet, so I skip.
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