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For narnia, and for Aslan!

1. Name: Joline
2. Nicknames:
Jo, Jojo, JoGoh
3. Age:
4. Three positive adjectives that describe you:
Loyal, Kind, free-spirited
5. Three negative adjectives that describe you: bipolar, low self-esteem, blur
6. Interests/hobbies/talents: Music, singing, playing instruments, keeping a private journal, im good at memorizing things if i want to, and some fast reaction.
7. Things you don't like/aren't as good at:
swimming in the ocean, not good at languages, dont like work, school, drawing(i suck at it!).
8. Name one thing you love: food^^
9. Name one thing you hate: school, urgh.

10. Character from Narnia (can be from any of the books/movies):
11. Scene from the first book/movie:
the battle scene, i watched it so many times and would go "For narnia, and for Aslan!" together with them. LOL.
12. Quote from the first book/movie:
For narnia, and for Aslan. (sorry that's all i can remember now.) haha.

Pick one~
14. Honor, Love, Power, Vengeance, Intelligence, Loyalty:
15. Adventure, Imagination, Truth, Wealth:

Are you more~
16. Playful or serious?:
17. Determined or accepting?:
18. Powerful or weak?:
somewhere in the middle i think, but more to the weak side?
19. Smart or creative?:
20. Nice or mean?: hmmm, nice i guess, most of the time. (:
21. Aggressive or passive?:
it really depends on the situation. normally i guess i would be more passive.
22. Hyper or laid back?: a mix of both, hyper when im with my friends, laid back when otherwise.

23. Is there anything else you'd like to include?: nothing else. thanks for voting in advance! :D

24. Please post two clear photos of yourself (these are very helpful but if you are not comfortable with this, please state so and you may skip this step).

here&here! :D

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