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For Narnia, and For Aslan!

1. Name: Pingkan
2. Nicknames: Pingkan, Pingkanna, Pinker
3. Age: 16
4. Three positive adjectives that describe you: smart, humble, a good listener
5. Three negative adjectives that describe you: too shy, lazy, not easy to forget someone's fault
6. Interests/hobbies/talents: public speaking, photoshop, playing piano & violin, scrapbooking, ice skating,
7. Things you don't like/aren't as good at: speaking in public, expressing my thoughts, writing, poetry.
8. Name one thing you love: books
9. Name one thing you hate: ghosts

10. Character from Narnia (can be from any of the books/movies):
Aslan, Aravis, Shasta
11. Scene from the first book/movie: When Lucy first explored Narnia & war scenes.
12. Quote from the first book/movie: "Is it Latin for worst game ever invented?" - Edmund.
"What done is done" - Aslan

Pick one~
14. Honor, Love, Power, Vengeance, Intelligence, Loyalty:
Can't pick one -.-" Hmm..Love & Loyalty
15. Adventure, Imagination, Truth, Wealth: Imagination!

Are you more~
16. Playful or serious?:
both, depends on the situation
17. Determined or accepting?: accepting
18. Powerful or weak?: weak
19. Smart or creative?: creative
20. Nice or mean?: nice :)
21. Aggressive or passive?: can be both, but mostly passive
22. Hyper or laid back?: laid back

23. Is there anything else you'd like to include?: no..

24. Please post two clear photos of yourself (these are very helpful but if you are not comfortable with this, please state so and you may skip this step).

 I'm the right girl in both photos :)
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