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For Narnia and for Aslan!

1. Name: Clare
2. Nicknames: Wanda
3. Age: 25
4. Three positive adjectives that describe you: Loving, friendly, unprejudice
5. Three negative adjectives that describe you: Sometimes lazy, easily distracted, sometimes argumentative
6. Interests/hobbies/talents: Reading, writing, making graphics/ icons, web design, watching T.V and movies, playing video games and spending time with my family
7. Things you don't like/aren't as good at: Getting up early, people judging me without knowing me, spiders >_<
8. Name one thing you love: My family
9. Name one thing you hate: Spiders! >_<

10. Character from Narnia (can be from any of the books/movies):
Aslan - whenever I read a scene with him in, I get a warm feeling in my heart. Kind of like how I felt as a child, when I went to church.
11. Scene from the first book/movie: For both the book and movie, when Lucy and Susan think Aslan is head, and then he rises from the stone table. I think, the first time I read that, I actually gasped.
12. Quote from the first book/movie: "You're not - not a - ?" asked Susan in a shaky voice. She couldn't bring herself to say the word ghost.
Aslan stooped his golden head and licked her forehead. The warmth of his breath and a rich sort of smell that seemed to hang about his hair came all over her.

"Do I look it?" he asked.

Pick one~
14. Honor, Love, Power, Vengeance, Intelligence, Loyalty:
Love, though loyalty would come a very close second. I'm a very strong believer that love can solve any problem. If you love someone enough, you'll work with them through any issue you might have.
15. Adventure, Imagination, Truth, Wealth: Truth - if you can't trust someone, then your relationship with them is pretty much doomed.

Are you more~
16. Playful or serious?:
I'd say playful, though, I can be serious when I have to. Although, I think any situation is made easier with a little light-heartedness.
17. Determined or accepting?: Accepting - I'd like to think I'm a pretty open person, who tries to accept others no matter how they differ from me.
18. Powerful or weak?: Powerful - I've been through some pretty horrible things in the past year and a half, and I'd like to think it's my strength of will/ inner power (as well as the love and support of my family) that's gotten me through it.
19. Smart or creative?: Though I do class myself as smart, I'd say I'm more on the creative side. I like making things - whether it's a story, a graphic, a video or playing with Logo with my son. If I'm using my imagination to do something, and making others smile in the process, then I'm happy.
20. Nice or mean?: Nice -- I just don't get the point of being mean, as it doesn't actually achive anything, does it? It just makes you look like a bad person.
21. Aggressive or passive?: Mostly passive, unless someone challenges something I strongly believe in or threatens my family.
22. Hyper or laid back?: Actually, I think I can be a bit of both depending on my mood and the situation. ^_^

23. Is there anything else you'd like to include?: Nope, can't thikn of anything right now.

24. Please post two clear photos of yourself (these are very helpful but if you are not comfortable with this, please state so and you may skip this step).

This is me, my son Nathan (left) my nephew Ben (right) and my partner Ad (far right) on our recent summer vacation.

This is me and Nathan (again on vacation) smuching the fish I'd built on the sand.

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