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Eos Rose

For Narnia, and for Aslan!

1. Name: Nichole
2. Nicknames: Nic, Nikki, Ducky, Bubbles, Angelike, Rosemarie
3. Age: 23
4. Three positive adjectives that describe you: determined, thoughtful, intelligent
5. Three negative adjectives that describe you: shy, introverted, brash
6. Interests/hobbies/talents: I read a lot of Fantasy/Science Fiction and Mystery novels and enjoy writing fan fiction. I have a deep interest in history and am, in fact, currently seeking a Master's degree in Archival Studies. Other interests include: hiking, camping, roller coasters, traveling.
7. Things you don't like/aren't as good at: mingling with people I don't know well, public speaking, sewing
8. Name one thing you love: fairy tales
9. Name one thing you hate: Mary Sues

10. Character from Narnia (can be from any of the books/movies):
Prince Caspian
11. Scene from the first book/movie: The coronation ceremony
12. Quote from the first book/movie: Susan Pevensie: Why are they all staring at us?
Lucy Pevensie: Maybe they think you look funny.

Pick one~
14. Honor, Love, Power, Vengeance, Intelligence, Loyalty:
15. Adventure, Imagination, Truth, Wealth: Imagination

Are you more~
16. Playful or serious?:
17. Determined or accepting?: Determined
18. Powerful or weak?: Weak
19. Smart or creative?: Creative
20. Nice or mean?: Depends - nice, I guess
21. Aggressive or passive?: Passive
22. Hyper or laid back?: Laid back

23. Is there anything else you'd like to include?: I get along well with animals (particularly cats), despise the cold (though I'm never quite warm enough), and dream of seeing the ocean one day. I have had jobs as: a hostess, a waitress, a bank teller, a mail/copy room assistant, and a library assistant. I have few people I would consider close friends, but those I do have I hold close to my heart. Family means everything to me.

24. Please post two clear photos of yourself (these are very helpful but if you are not comfortable with this, please state so and you may skip this step).

I would rather not. Would it help to say that I'm about 5'4" with pale skin, hazel eyes that change with my moods, and medium brown hair? I weigh about 125 lbs, I think (not sure, since my scale broke a while ago (and, no, it wasn't because I'm fat! X_X).

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